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Is Senator Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) a feminist?  According to Emily’s List, and the Sacramento Bee, the Senator recorded a “no-vote”, on a key woman’s bill, on May 26th.  Senate Bill 358 passed 38-0 with the Senator from Compton being the lone person to not vote for the bill.  It is key to note Sen. Hall is listed as a co-author of the bill.  Hall’s campaign staffer blames his absence on missing “consecutive” flights out of LAX on May 26th, however, records show only one Southwest Airlines flight was cancelled that morning.

Senator Hall has made no secret of his mother having to work three jobs to support her six children, and has referenced this fact in many of his campaign TV ads.  Therefore its quite ironic he would miss a vote on a bill that would ensure equal pay for women, so they wouldn’t have to work multiple jobs, to make ends meet.

There also seems to be some discrepancies in Hall’s staff as to how he missed “consecutive” flights when only one was cancelled, and was still paid his per diem while stuck at LAX.

Hall staffer Terry Schanz tells 2 Urban Girls, “there is no conspiracy that the flight was cancelled and we should ‘move on'”.  However, if the Senator’s primary job is to attend meetings, and vote on items directly related to his constituents, this is of great concern to the women he wishes to represent, if elected to serve in Congress.

The 44th Congressional District has a population of 713,000 people with 48% of them being women.

His campaign spokesperson should also not be misleading the public when supplying answers to the media.

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It is no secret this pattern of not showing up to votes, also occurred while the Senator served in the Assembly.  At least he wasn’t caught having someone voting for him, while he wasn’t there.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    While I would really like to give “Izzy” the benefit of the doubt, I am thinking that “the hurrier he goes, the be-hinder he gets”. I know he is capable of taking care of business. Maybe he needs to slow down his race to where ever it is he wants to end up.

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