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najeeFriend of the blog, Najee Ali, wants to share with you why he is supporting Eric Garcetti.  In light of a recent special edition Soulvine, where Betty Pleasant paints former LA Mayoral candidate and now Garcetti supporter, Kevin James, as an apparent racist, Ali wants you to know why he is a Garcetti supporter.   Garcetti’s camp have yet to acknowledge those allegations, but Najee Ali has been a visible and vocal supporter of Garcetti from day one and offers this.

Garcetti the right choice for South Los Angeles

Elections are about bringing people together and uniting for winning coalitions. And no one is doing that better than Eric Garcetti, who is currently facing Wendy Greuel in a run-off for mayor of Los Angeles. SouthLos AngelesCity council members Jan Perry, Bernard Parks, and Council president Herb Wesson have all united to support and endorse Garcetti. These three endorsements along with Congressmember Karen Bass demonstrate that Garcetti is a unifier. Who can bring people together, and clearly has the momentum in the mayor’s race. For South L.A. we can’t afford not to have a visionary leader like Garcetti in the mayor’s office. South L.A.leads the city in poverty, unemployment, and crime. We need a Mayor who can focus and help solve these problems and others.

Garcetti doesn’t tell you what he’s going to do. He can tell you what he’s already done! His council district was number one in job growth; he worked to cut violent crime by 2/3, and tripled the number of parks while ensuring there was an after program for every school in his council district.

As council president for six years Garcetti had the strength and leadership to make the tough choices on pension reform, balancing the budget and to create the city’s independent ratepayer advocate to serve as a watchdog over the DWP Unlike Greuel, Garcetti would be an independent mayor who’s not bought and paid for the DWP and other unions who are pouring millions of dollars into Greuels campaign with attack adds against Garcetti.

South L.A.hasnt seen any leadership from Greuel. All we have seen from her is talk about who she use to work for and celebrity endorsements. And no disrespect to former President Bill Clinton, but you’re not currently helping anyone in South who really cares about your endorsement in South L.A. a community you haven’t been in for years. Greuel needs to stop the exaggerations acting like she was a member of your cabinet .Her official title was field operations officer for HUD. South L.A.doesnt need to hear about who Greuel use to work for. We want to hear what she’s going to do for us. So far all we have heard is attack ads by a Greuel campaign built on lies and desperation.

Greuel also attacked our sister Councilmember Jan Perry in the primary with attack ads that were very negative, insulting and very personal. The African-American community especially women were outraged and rightfully so.Greuel attacked and belittled not just her colleague. But Greuel showed South L.A. just how low she viewed Jan Perry and the Black community. Why some Black women chose to give Greuel a pass I’m not sure? But after what she did to Jan Perry, Greuel can’t get one from me and shouldn’t get one from you.

I will never sell out. Greuel, can’t spit in my communities face then come over to South L.A. and ask for my endorsement and vote. I support those that support the African- American community. In 2003. I was the first South L.A activist on team Obama working on his the successful Senate campaign in Chicago.

In 2008 Wendy Greuel, Maxine Waters, Magic Johnson, Antonio Villaraigosa, and others were early supporters of then Sen. Clinton in her quest for the presidency against Obama. Obama didn’t have the major celebrity’s endorsements or the political establishment but he had the people’s support. While Greuel was the true Obama hater. Garcetti was in the freezing snow of Iowa canvassing for Obama. Garcetti was named Obama’s California Campaign co-chair and continued to travel across the nation and was a major factor in helping to elect the first African-American president. Team Obama is Team Garcetti.

I was proud to work side by side with Garcetti on the Obama campaign which was the greatest political campaign in history. We were both on the right side of history then an South L.A.has a chance to be on the right side of history again with a vote for Garcetti who is the right choice because of his proven record of leading the city in job growth, reducing crime and improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods we share he is the best candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles.”

Najee Ali


You may read Betty Pleasant’s recent article here.

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