My Ghetto Report Card: Election 2016



African-Americans got played this election cycle.  The blatant disrespect of Black people is at an all time high and some of our very Black politicians are aiding and abetting.  Well, not all of them but two in particular, in key positions we add.  This Ghetto Report Card is based on 2 Urban Girls research and remembering stuff off the top of my head.  In other words, we bringing up old (relevant) shit.  

A few newly elected Assembly members are up for re-election, after fulfilling their first term in office.  The Black community recalls journalist Betty Pleasant being up in arms over the candidacy of Autumn Burke and heaped much praise on Sebastian Ridley-Thomas.  Children of politicians.  She also didn’t mince words on former Carson councilman Mike Gipson.

Off the top of our head, Autumn is kicking ass and I don’t know what Sebastian is up to.  Autumn has been a champion of women’s causes from day one.  Going to bat for nurse practitioners and women’s reproductive rights, it is clear she is passionate about being an advocate of women.  On the other hand, the most I remember about Sebastian is him introducing his father on the Assembly floor and appearing at community events.  I am not aware of any bills he is strongly supporting nor do I see a passion for helping young men of color.  Then again, I could be wrong and just not received a press release on it.

Autumn Burke – Grade B

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas – Grade C

Mike Gipson is some kind of special to land the plum role of chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.  He has the authority to champion and defeat audits.  Most recently he held a legislative hearing in Inglewood on the audit of the Inglewood Unified School District.  conveniently he failed to include financial data to the public, that we were supposed to be hearing about in the first place.  This doesn’t surprise me.  This is the same man who failed to take a stand in Carson over environmental issues.

Grade – D

Isadore Hall has been a success story out of Compton.  Coming from humble beginnings he has risen to be a front-runner in his quest for Congress.  He has been plagued by issues reaching the news, but handles himself with dignity.  What else can we say?   His record speaks for itself.

Isadore Hall Grade- C+

Mark Ridley Thomas Grade B for reopening MLK Hospital, a pivotal moment in his 25 year political career.

Jackie Lacey Grade D for the obvious.

Kamala Harris is our state Attorney General and I will NEVER forget how her office handled the passing of Proposition 47 which reduced punishment for certain offenses.  Her office argued in FAVOR of preserving PRISON LABOR and fought to NOT release prisoners who fell under the new Prop 47 guidelines.  If that weren’t bad enough, it was revealed her office falsified transcripts to secure convictions.  Perhaps she is tired of her current job and is trying to break free.  Still doesn’t negate the fact that it happened on her watch.  Then she charters a tour bus and ventures through our neighborhood to earn votes for Senate?

Grade C-

Hillary Clinton is the worst this year going out of her way to connect with the Black vote.  The Associated Press misleading folx on her behalf is just as despicable.  But, some of y’all are falling for it.  We are asked to ignore what her husband did, because Hillary has worked on behalf of civil rights, back in the day.  2 Urban Girls recently watched ’13 Hours’ and had to question how strongly does Hillary support the military service men and women?

Grade D


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