Meet the Candidates: Emanuel Pleitez

imagesEMANUEL PLEITEZ is a progressive Los Angeles native committed to uniting, serving, and inspiring his community.  Raised by a single mother in the Eastside neighborhood of El Sereno— Emanuel has always taken the  initiative to promote social change.  Founder of the non-profit organizations Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) Institute and the Latino Legacy Weekend, his goal is to provide opportunities and mentorship for innovative young leaders.  Earning 19 varsity letters at Woodrow Wilson High School Emanuel eventually became the first member of his family to graduate college—Stanford University—on scholarships.  Why do I like Emanuel Pleitez?  He has a diverse, young staff with fresh ideas, Emanuel is very engaging on his social media platforms and does an excellent job of interacting with those asking questions of him, most importantly, the manner in which his staff responds to the public is equally impressive.  I would like to see him expand on his education stance and include introducing foreign language at the middle school level and expand on how to build a community environment, but overall, I feel Emanuel is an excellent choice to be our next Mayor of Los Angeles.

Please state your name and time as a resident in the City of Los Angeles and which district do you reside?

I’m Emanuel Alberto Pleitez and I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life. I’m running for Mayor of Los Angeles.

What makes you qualified to run for the seat you wish to fill?

I actually understand the economy. I’m the only candidate who’s worked in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. President Obama recognized my talents and appointed me twice to work on economic policy in his administration. I also grew up in some of our poorest communities and understand the harsh realities of our city.

What are your visions for generating additional revenue to shore up the Cities fiscal deficiencies?
I propose a pension buyout plan that will relieve the burden on the city and will give workers an option of receiving money now instead of nothing in the future. I will also make our business climate friendlier and attract investors into our most underserved communities.

How will you work with the current council to ensure the City reaches solvency?
I’ll meet regularly with them and ensure they all the councilmembers themselves are working together. They need to take responsibility for Los Angeles as a whole, not just focus on their districts. I will facilitate that relationship with the current councilmembers and the new ones coming in.

What are your top (3) priorities for the City of Los Angeles and your district, if elected?

Solving our pension crisis

Increasing our graduation rate

Investing in our most underinvested communities

What ways will you work to increase HS graduation rates in your district?
I’ll make education a 24 hour priority of the city and increase learning opportunities outside of school. I went to public school here and graduated with only half of the class I started with. Education needs to be comprehensive and family oriented.

Is there anything else you wish to address not covered in this Q&A?

My seven point policy package addresses many of the major issues here in Los Angeles and I encourage you to take a look.

Visit Emanuel’s website here for more details on where he will speaking next.  Remember to vote on March 5th!

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