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imagesCharles Strickland is a candidate for the upcoming municipal elections, in the City of Compton, next month on April 16th.  Although he wasn’t able to complete the Q&A we sent, he has graciously sent in some remarks on why he is running for office.  We have edited for grammar, spelling and clarity of the readers.  I AM Charles Strickland thank you very much for the invitation to be on you page. I’m honored but having trouble getting in Life is no fairy tale. I would like to share some Black History with you. I am the Great Great Grandson of the Key player of the Civil Rights Movement & Founder of the Baptist Church Denomination. The Church African Zion Baptist Church in Malden West Virginia. My Great Great Grandfathers name.  Rev.Lewis Rice. Also Booker. T Washington an early member whom my Great Great Grandfather taught & raised The Church is a Historical Land Mark. My Great uncle Professor Henry Rice directed the appointment of Martin Luther King Jr. All documented in the Archives of Washington D.C

My Grandmother Inez Rice Strickland Raised and taught World Renowned Bishop T. D Jakes My Father Bernard Strickland M.D The First African-American Physician,
to graduate U.C.L.A.  Intern Program. my Great Great uncle Professor Henry Rice Assisted Booker T. Washington to Found Tuskegee institute  I Am a Historical Documentation Director for Congress of Racial Equality We also Sponsor the Martin Luther King Jr. Kingdom Day Festivities Where. I am the Historical Director. Because of my Family HISTORY. All above have inspired me to dedicate MY Life helping and assisting all in need that’s the reason I’m running For Mayor of COMPTON.   AS HISTORY IN THE MAKING. I BELIEVE COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING, STAYING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS, AND WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS, Thank You for allowing me to share part of My Families route to HAPPINESS. I Truly Believe your readers understand and believe HAPPINESS P promote enhanced Brain function and better memory. So because of what happiness can do for your lives it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourselves to something special.  Life will turn all of us Upside Down So We can all continue to learn to walk right side up.

Wishing you and each one of your readers PEACE & BLESSINGS RESPECTFULLY,

                                  CHARLES  STRICKLAND

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