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imagesA City of Compton mayoral candidate is so adamant on not bringing back the Compton Police department that he created Measure I. Measure I was added to the ballot to prevent the council from ever exploring the idea of restoring the Compton Police department.  The measure is aimed at locking in a contract with the LA County Sheriffs Department.  City Council needs to be able to negotiate rates and personnel requirements needed to secure the city.

Many Compton residents are urging voters to vote no, they have arranged town halls to discuss the measure and its ramifications.  While Charles Davis feels otherwise.  “I know if the current council is re-elected, they will try this [attempt to restore the Police Department] again,” says Davis.

The residents have spoken VOTE NO ON MEASURE I

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  1. Eric says:

    The city council meeting minutes from February 26, 2013 said the City of Compton and League of Women voters sponsored a community meeting on March 25th to discuss the future of Compton’s law enforcement. Did this happen? Did anyone attend?

    Wake up people and vote NO!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The way the measure is written, the voter may be confused..
    The voter may want to opt for a contract when in reality he may be voting to “LOCK IN” the sheriff and vice verse.
    The measure was not written with 100% CLARITY….

  3. Darrin says:

    What happens if the financial state of the city turns and are able to afford a city run municipal police department? Being “locked in” to the sheriff gives the ability to overcharge for services and leaves no room for negotiation.

  4. Voting “NO” on Measure I means the voter does not want to contract with the LA
    Sheriffs Department. So if a voter does not want the Compton Police Department
    to be re-established they should vote “YES” – B. Kwaku Duren, Candiate for Mayor

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