Mayor Sam responds to Betty Pleasant’s recent article

I have come to really enjoy being on Twitter and meeting others who LOVE and follow local politics like I do.  Another Eric Garcetti supporter has sounded off on Betty Pleasant’s recent Soulvine article Repudiate him!  This is the second supporter of Garcetti’s who has come forward in his defense of his campaign and association with Kevin James.

Columnist Betty Pleasant (as portrayed by  actress LaWanda Page)

Columnist Betty Pleasant
(as portrayed by
actress LaWanda Page)


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Betty Pleasant in 60 Seconds

Our old friend, Betty Pleasant, has taken to having an  early cow over Kevin James’ support of Eric Garcetti for Mayor.  Of course, this was motivated by hackery by her favorite politician, Mark Ridley-Thomas,  who is an active supporter of Wendy Greuel (one of the few local elected that  is, by the way).

Mark is one of those folks who thinks that if you criticize President Obama you are racist. Kevin James, once a Republican talk-radio host, has, as have many others, criticized the President’s policies.

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