Crenshaw High School Elite Choir performs for President Obama

Los Angeles, CA- Today 2UrbanGirls received a tweet about a very POSITIVE story coming out of the Los Angeles Unified School District, which failed to reach their 5,000+ followers.  How did the district gloss over the fact that the RENOWNED Crenshaw High School Choir performed for the WHITE HOUSE December 11th?

photo by: Pete Souza/White House

photo by: Pete Souza/White House


A review of their twitter feed failed to yield this POSITIVE story of the Crenshaw High students, despite the fact they are representing one of the WORST school districts in Los Angeles County.

According to staff inside of Crenshaw High School the district heads were procrastinating on approving the field trip so private donors stepped up to ensure the children could participate.  Does this further validate that the Los Angeles Unified School District is too large for the board to handle?

2UrbanGirls appreciates the LA Observed for reporting on this great achievement by the students.  Keep up the GREAT work.  The schools performance for President Obama comes on the heels of Coach Garrett and the varsity football team winning the state CIF city section title, which also failed to be worthy of sending out to their social media followers.

It’s kind of a joke that a district with a billion dollar technology program doesn’t even utilize current technology to its full potential.


What you know about TRUE GRIT?

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