Los Angeles Times picks up another 2 Urban Girls article

photo courtesy of KCRW Which Way L.A.

photo courtesy of KCRW Which Way L.A.

Are Los Angeles Times staffers, fans of the 2 Urban Girls blog?  The L.A. Times has a love-hate relationship with this blog, dating back to last years L.A. County Sheriff’s election.  Let’s go back down memory lane to give you readers full context.

The Sheriff’s race was tumultuous to say the least.  NO news media organization supported the candidacy of former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, but this blog.  2 Urban Girls was also the only news media that Tanaka would respond to.

During the course of the election, this blog pointed out all the reasons why then Long Beach Chief of Police, Jim McDonnell, shouldn’t be elected as Sheriff. The Times Editorial Board had already endorsed him in April.  Our writing forced the Los Angeles Times to issue a re-endorsement, in August, which addressed the reasons 2UG brought up.

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The Los Angeles Times staff knew back then, 2 Urban Girls was a legitimate source, but wouldn’t dare say so publicly.

Then came the recent articles by Metro staff writer Angel Jennings, who credited this blog, with releasing the District Attorney letter that shocked the nation.

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Today another article was released, by the Times, which addressed the Compton State of the City, which we wrote extensively about in July.

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This new LA Times article is troublesome because it details the amount of funds raised by the charity in question, which doesn’t quite add up to the amounts raised by sponsorship and ticket sales.  It also raises questions about the origins of a $17,500 money order that was contributed to the event.

Many speculate that this blog is working in conjunction with the Los Angeles Times, which is incorrect. No Los Angeles Times staffer has contacted 2UG, regarding any of the articles that have appeared on this website.

Compton residents are quite happy that these issues are finally being raised on a higher level and feel the Compton mayor is making matters worse by continuously commenting.  The only words we should hear from her office is “no comment”.

The mayor has recently made another declaration, on her Facebook page, that she is not traveling on the taxpayer’s dime.  A quick review of checks issued directly out of the city manager’s office, show an expenditure of nearly $6,000 for expenses related to the U.S. Mayor’s Conference.

Residents know she attended the conference, in January 2014, since it made the news she wanted Compton to be the “new Brooklyn” and are inquiring if her nonprofit reimbursed the city for those expenses as well.

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There is still concern as to why the mayor’s nonprofit logo continues to appear at the footer of the city’s official website.

Residents are also concerned if the recent controversy, surrounding the mayor, will hinder the newly established relationship with its most recent donor, Andre “Dr. Dre” Young.

Compton residents are tired of being fucked with no vaseline.

Compton city council meetings resume this Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 3:00 pm.  The Urban Community Development Commission will also convene to revise the meeting dates and times they occur.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    Every time Mayor Brown speaks she gets herself into more trouble. She speaks of ‘transparency’ but all the citizens of Compton see and/or suspect is corruption. We’re (citizens of Compton) sick of it. What I would like to know is why Mayor Brown and the Compton City Council are so privileged that the D A only sends them a warning letter when the D A took the time to prosecute the folks of Bell and Vernon for doing the exact same thing the Compton City Council are doing – MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS. This is a felony and has no statute of limitations. And, because there is no statute of limitations on MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS, all previous mayors and council members who received payment for attending these extra “commission” meetings could and should also be prosecuted. If Jackie Lacey wants to become Attorney General for the State of California she needs to start doing her job here in L. A. County.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aja Brown needs to get her lifeline dates together. Her timeliness don’t agree with her age! This woman has lied so much until she believes them.
      Aja Brown gave $100,000 to a Juicer Company that doesn’t exist. She has voted to give organizations she and her husband have created HUD funds and they aren’t qualified! That’s misappropriation of public funds. They (Browns) have committed many get rich crimes.

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