Los Angeles County Job Opportunities

Here are some updated vacancies within Los Angeles County I’ve included some helpful tips to successfully pass the initial screening process.

1. Fill out the application legibly (if you don’t write clearly, either type in your information or have someone who writes well complete it for you).

2. Have a valid email address that you check regularly (this is the preferred means of communication from the hiring department to you)

3. No email address? Setup a free one on google (GMAIL)

4. Print the job bulletin and read the description of duties, make sure to list the duties you did on your past jobs that are relevant and closely match what the bulletin is looking for.

5. the screening process scans your resume/application for keywords that are in the job bulletin/announcement that are also included on your resume/application

6. use the testing materials provided on the website and if available, take any on-line tests they may offer

7. wait, you don’t have a computer?  well get on over to your nearest public library, school district parent resource center and/or an internet cafe (Operation Hope, etc.)

Job Listings

General Maintenance Work
click here
Health Related Field
click here
click here
Social Worker/Community Worker
click here
click here
Metro (MTA)
click here
Southern California Gas Co.
click here (entry-level)
click here (all others)

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