Los Angeles City Council President contradicts himself on DWP


Los Angeles residents are bracing for yet another rate increase of their utility services provided under the LA Department of Water and Power.  A couple of years ago things got hot and heavy between council and DWP union leaders, with the discovery of million dollar annual payouts between the two agencies.  Council has since authorized new rate increases citing the multitude of water pipes bursting throughout the city of Los Angeles.  In an article released on, the council president contradicts himself in the first paragraph.

Here is an excerpt of the faux pas made by Council President Herb J. Wesson.

“Now, I’m an elected official and I would say without pause don’t blame the shortcomings on us,” Wesson said. “Maybe we had something to do with it. But the way the department is set up now, it is set up to fail.”

Doesn’t he know the definition of “but” negates everything you just said?

Read the full article by clicking here.

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