Inglewood Today Newspaper Encourages Blight in the City

city of inglewoodLast week I was reading local newspaper Inglewood Today, VOL.22. No.22 dated May 30, 2013, and read something that made me so angry I fired off angry emails to both the editor and to Mayor Butts’ office.  It appears that  Inglewood Today allowed an article to be included that is not from one of their credited, regular contributors.  The “person” in question, Adnan Masood, is encouraging blight in Inglewood and I am none too happy about it!

The articles headlines blared “Homeowners: How to Make Money Renting Your Lawn to Car Sellers” was just absurd.  Not only because of what that would look like aesthetically, but more so that the city newspaper would print something that is outright ILLEGAL in the City of Inglewood.  The article encourages homeowners to seek out individuals who are selling their personal cars and if the homeowner lives in an area with high foot traffic, they should contact the seller and have them rent space on their front lawn to sell the car?

You mean to tell me that the same code enforcement officers who went around stalking home based child care providers, harassing them over “illegal” signage in their home windows advertising their business, is going to turn a blind eye to this?

The article made no reference to it being illegal in the city to park a car on your lawn in Inglewood, I would have expected more from the Publisher who goes on tirades weekly about upholding the image of the city and moving the city forward.  This article was reckless for if the Inglewood Today staff did their homework, they would know what this article is encouraging is illegal in the City of Inglewood.

Inglewood Today’s editor, Veronica Mackey, replied that she too was none too happy about that article.  Is it the job of the editor or the publisher to stop nonsense like this from reaching the masses?  Mayor Butts’ office hasn’t responded.  Smells like entrapment!

From the City of Inglewood website:

Is lawn/yard parking illegal? Yes. Don’t park cars on your front lawn, aside from giving your home and neighborhood an unsightly appearance, lawn parking is a violation of the Inglewood Municipal Code IMC 12-15 and can result in the issuance of a citation to the owner of the vehicle.

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  1. PDQ says:

    Good ole’ Willy Brown. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.

    My understanding is Willy lives down in Marina Del Rey, so he will never have to worry about any of this type of mess happening in his neighborhood. Now if he lived in Fairview Heights, he’d probably see more of it. Our ghetto fabulous neighbors think that kind of behavior is perfectly acceptable.

    Hopefully our new councilman will be having a little talk with “Code Enforcement” about this and how they really need to do their damn job. He’ll need to look no further for them than at their desks – they never leave their office.

    I wonder where THEY live. I doubt it’s in Inglewood.

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