Letter to the Editor: Foreclosures

foreclosure2 Urban Girls received the following inquiry regarding their home in Compton, CA, via twitter.

My house had a buyer before the sign went up.  We tried for 9 months to buy a house in Compton.  It was like a crooked auction.

2 Urban Girls did a little research and found that the City Clerk’s office, in every city, receives legal notices on behalf of the entire city, which includes notices of foreclosure.

If your house had a buyer, especially an investor, before the sign went up, can we assume they where tipped off by your local City Clerk and a select realtor?

It keeps foreclosure inventory low and home values either stabilized and/or increased.  The City of Compton also pays a pretty penny to those “watching” the vacant homes to keep vagrants out.


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  1. Joyce Kelly says:

    Residents of Compton are preparing a nonviolent demonstration on Tuesday January 26 4pm in front of Compton City Hall to call for justice from the current corruption occurring in Compton.

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