Letter to the Editor: Compton Elections

2 Urban Girls posed a question on our Facebook page asking followers what do they see as the biggest difference between the candidates for mayor of Compton.  One long time resident submitted the following and also gave thoughts on other small tidbits around the city…

Difference between Mayor Aja Brown and former Mayor Omar Bradley

I feel the biggest difference is Aja has new and fresh ideas. She is a fellow Trojan so that’s always a plus. I feel Omar wants to return to a time that has past. I fell he believe’s something was taken from him and he wants it back. The city is not a toy and it is not here to stroke his ego. What worked in past will not work now. The self proclaimed “King of Compton” is quite troubling and the “Gangster Mayor” title is the image Compton needs to shake not embrace. I feel ALL politicians have a self serving agenda so I am not naive. When Omar was Mayor he made poor decisions, he quite possibly was targeted but if he did provide ammunition he would not have gotten caught up. I am not sure about Aja, I feel uncomfortable about the MRT support because maybe the county has intentions for our city that may not be for the city as a whole. I believe that she is inexperienced and maybe focused on the wrong thing but I do believe she has a heart for healthy living, the youth and wants to do a good job. I don’t have a dog in the fight. I am not loyal to either side. I am loyal to city but growing weary I don’t think they want change. And when Hispanics or another race takes over the city government, which is the way I feel it’s heading, ALL the contributors to it’s demise will blame racism and any other excuse but only need to look in the mirror to find blame.

What happened to the Compton Farmers Market?

Good question!!! The non-profit organization sponsor/partner [], I can’t remember the name, was bogus, imo! They gave away food but did not focus on getting vendors to participate. They took down names for help and support and never followed up. Many were involved in health and wellness ministries at large churches in the area but no follow up. I believe they had the support but did not want the help in the business development area.

Thoughts on Rep. Maxine Waters

My personal experience with Ms. Waters was not favorable. Back when I was asked my high ranking Compton Government officials to run for then Compton College Board of trustees because the current board was in large part endangering accreditation, the loss was not widely publicised. We had an opportunity to bring local and national attention to the plight through protest during the media coverage of the grand opening of the MLB Urban Youth Academy. “Somehow” Waters got wind of the intended protest and called a meeting at a prominent and politically influential Compton pastors church, the room was packed she asked us not to use our best and only opportunity to bring attention to our plight and promised, if I recall correctly, that she would personally make sure we had another opportunity before the election. The group took her word, did not protest and you now the rest of the story. El Camino benefited greatly and when the $ train ran out accreditation was unceremoniously returned to CCC this year. So I feel some kinda way. But I do greatly admire her tenure and accomplishment


Down and Out in District 4


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