Letter to the Editor: Carson Landfill & CEQA

letter to the editor

Our CEQA series has generated quite a buzz.  The article re: Developing on closed landfills examined the process for closing a landfill and corresponding remediation efforts to perform continued air and water quality monitoring.  Thank you Mr. Roche!

I was reading your article about the situation for the Carson Stadium project and I have heard about plenty of housing projects, schools and other projects that had major problems because of LFG(Landfill Gases). The city of Puente Hills did the right thing an placed a methane power plant in their landfill that produces much of the electricity for that city on part of the facility and will use the rest as an open air park with 25 miles of hiking trails. (La Puente Landfill Project) It will also produce methane fuel for cars which is a great use for the former landfill. After the Belmont High issues from years back you would think that city council members would learn not to build enclosed facilities on top of landfills. The health issues and possible fire and explosion risk could prove to be a disaster for a crowded stadium. (Possible Dangers of Methane Gas)

 It seems like the better use of this area is a methane generating and processing facility and maybe a park. The generating plant will collect the gases and put them to good use instead of having uncontrolled release of it into the atmosphere causing more global warming and weather issues. The park with grass and trees will help to produce more oxygen. The city would still make money maybe not as much as with a football stadium but if the stadium has issues because of the LFG and people start a class action lawsuit against the city because of health issues then what have they gained?

In my opinion Inglewood should get the stadium, it is centrally located near private and public airports, the 110, 405, 105 and 10 freeways. Inglewood has a stadium with Hollywood Park that is old and can be either torn down or somehow recycled into a new stadium for football possibly cutting the cost and NO Landfill Gases.

Environmental issues get buried in the normal media because some company stands to profit from an environmentally harmful project, i.e. fracking, schools and stadiums being built on hazardous landfills. Keep the news coming. 

You had a great article and I was just responding to it.

Mr. Roche

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