Let’s go back down Memory Lane

Gilbert Lindsay

Gilbert Lindsay

Back in the days, politicians approached their job to reform the conditions of the people they were elected to serve.  How many of you remember the honorable former city councilman Gilbert Lindsay, the City of LA’s FIRST black councilman?

Gilbert Lindsay started his city career as a janitor at LADWP and was appointed to the 9th district after Ed Roybal left for Congress.  He was supported by both Kenneth and Gordon Hahn.

Gilbert Lindsay became so powerful, that he was always called upon to secure the black vote.  How many of you recall being let out of school to pack City Hall chambers in support of Lindsay?  Radio stations played his message “My name is Gilbert Lindsay and I represent the 9th District”.  He was famous for speaking beyond his allotted time and his fighting to ensure his district remained up to par.

Most black politicians are accused of not doing enough for our community.  They are blamed for its decline and growth stagnation.  The 9th district includes not only the Eastside, but also portions of Downtown LA.  Lindsay also argued against adding treatment facilities to Skid Row for the mentally ill, not wanting his district to house all of the cities homeless.  So of course he was accused of being too cozy with developers, but how is that possible when he blocked development projects?  All politicians are cozy with developers, they have the money to invest in campaigns.

Lindsay also served on the council simultaneously with the cities first black mayor, Tom Bradley.  Bradley was usually a Lindsay supporter until it came to the Skid Row debacle.

Lindsay suffered a stroke and was sent to a local hospital in Inglewood.  He was still on city council, and after being in the hospital for a few months, his fellow council members attempted to have him removed saying he no longer lived in Los Angeles.

Whenever black politicians come along, and have the nerve to ensure that money and revitalization makes it to the “hood”, people get spooked.  It’s like how dare blacks want to live in filth.

If you travel through the 9th district now it looks a hot mess.  Trash overflowing in the bins.  Streets are littered with debris.  South Park has more dirt than grass.  It’s almost as if blacks have to remain in poverty because they think we like it.

Newsflash, we don’t.  Who will be the next black politician to really step up and fight on behalf of those not able to fight for themselves?  Who will be the next black politician to ensure change happens in their city?

Curren Price Jr. is the newly elected councilman for the 9th District who coincidentally use to be councilman in Inglewood too.  I wish people would look at a candidates trail in their prior city before electing them to a new position.

Aren’t you tired of voting for people just because they are black?  Shouldn’t we vote for people who are actually doing something more than flashing their big Kool-Aid grin?

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