Law & Government Academy set to begin at Inglewood High School

IUSDInglewood Unified School District (IUSD) announced they received a $35,000 grant towards the Law and Government Academy.  The grant enables IUSD to develop an implementation plan, that would be used towards applying for an additional $100,000 grant.  Good job Dr. Brann!

IUSD’s Inglewood High Wins Grant to Launch Law and Government Academy 

Inglewood, CA – January 7, 2015 – The Inglewood High School Law Academy is now a step closer to becoming a reality.

IUSD is a proud recipient of a $35,000 Specialized Secondary Program (SSP) Planning Grant from the California Department of Education – one of only four LA County applicants to be fully funded. The money will pay for costs associated with planning and implementing a destination linked-learning Law and Government Program at Inglewood High that will keep and attract the best, brightest and most motivated students and prepare them to succeed in college and beyond.  The District now qualifies to apply for a $100,000 implementation grant next year.

Inglewood High’s program will begin in August 2015 with one class offered to incoming freshmen. An additional class will be added each year to complete a four-year sequence of classes by 2018.  Students will learn the administration of justice and government and the elements and practice of the law, debate, legal research and legal writing; how landmark legal cases have shaped US history; and how these rulings impact their daily lives. They will also study and practice specialty areas of law such as copyright, patent and business law. Coursework will be seamlessly integrated with real-world opportunities for students to practice and apply their learning in case studies, mock and moot trials, debates, student internships, job shadowing and in law day and teen court activities.

Most exciting is the incredible line-up of local legal professionals from the Inglewood Courthouse and area universities who have pledged to help the team design and build the curriculum and develop the capacity to teach it with fidelity, vision and rigor.  These partners will also help secure venues and opportunities for moot and mock trails, internships and job shadowing opportunities.

More on SSP grants can be found here:

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