Latino’s file federal lawsuit claiming abuse by Compton School Police

thI’m so tired of hearing about the lack of Latino representation in the multiple governing agencies in the City of Compton.

The City of Compton was previously sued by Latino’s in the community citing lack of representation on city council. 

[ Three Compton residents sue city, allege voting rights violations ]

Although Latinos are a majority of the city’s population, they are a minority of eligible voters. Less than 30% of Compton’s approximately 62,000 Latino residents are citizens old enough to vote although they make up 2/3 of the entire cities population.  The recent compton election only yielded 10% of the voting populations vote.  Are the Latino’s exercising their right to vote?

In current elections across Compton, Inglewood and Los Angeles, all three have run-off elections scheduled, where many candidates are Latino, so where is the discrimination?  If you aren’t eligible to vote, ask the lawyers you are hiring to assist you with naturalization.  What a novel thought huh?

Even after election rules changed in Compton, we see only one Latino candidate headed for run-off in District 2, Isaac Galvan.  Diana Sanchez is a regular candidate for city council, and currently sits on the water board, but I’m not too sure what efforts are taking place to ensure the cities Latino’s are registered to vote and actually participate in the election.  WIth roughly 10% of the eligible voters voting, it looks like these lawsuits are for nothing but publicity.  Look at how the ACLU has taken on the school districts.  Title III is what funds the ESL programs, but with school districts overall taking a hit, and entire departments closing, a lawsuit will decrease funding even further.

This current lawsuit stems from a parent being deported as a result of his contact with the Compton School Police.  Is it the polices fault the man in question was here illegally?  What our Latino friends fail to realize is if you are here illegally you are breaking the law.  Whether you represent the majority of the city’s population is a moot point.

Immigration reform needs to happen sooner than later.  If parents are fearful of being deported, they need to get their shit in order.

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