LaTijera Middle School is now a Charter School

latijeraToday Inglewood Unified School District held another district meeting.  This meeting was not well attended by any means which is typical but with items related to employee layoffs (Item 15b) being pulled, the audience was filled with former teachers and the union heads.

Tonight’s meeting also included newly elected board members being sworn in and two the hard way (Young and Butler) were also seated on the dais.

I arrived late so I didn’t get to hear the 3 minute speeches allotted to the new members, but I was able to catch the tail end of a presentation on a few students who got to travel to Chicago back in April.  The board member who attended with them was proud of their efforts along with the picture they got with Stedman Graham, you know, Oprah’s man.  As always, I have a question.  Was this trip subsidized by IUSD in any amount and if so, did they also cover the expenses of the advisory board member?  She mentioned several local churches pitched in to help cover the costs.  Would that include her colleagues church?

The biggest issue of the meeting – awarding Validation Academy Charter School control over LaTijera!  That’s right Inglewoodians.  Our hard-earned Measure K funds, which built the new school, to the tune of $39 million dollars, is now a charter school?  Our state administrator says “how else can we encourage students to come back to IUSD?” well that’s the same line the board fed us when they authorized the demolition.  I am under the impression this was a concerted effort to build a school, on Inglewood’s backs, then turn it over to a company based out of Ladera on Goldleaf?  Give me a fucking break.  How long before they give away Parent?  We see how residents in Westchester took back Westchester High School.  A quick review of the Validation Academy’s website, if it is the same company, doesn’t list typical school facts like: board members, staff, how long they have existed, where they are currently operating, etc.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that the just as the charter school can deny entrance to students, they can also fire under performing teachers.  Question is, which IUSD teachers are headed to LaTijera and more importantly, how long will they last?

Other board highlights:

City Honors will have a separate fund to provide further transparency;

Approved bond purchases;

Denied all claims submitted by IUSD personnel;

Authorized repairs to the elevator at the Adult School (why are we fixing the elevator if the program was discontinued?);

Wilders Prepatory Academy was approved for K-8 through June 30, 2018;

Summer school was approved;

BAS Engineering Inc. was approved to complete safety and security concerns at LaTijera;



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