Larry Elder gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Larry Elder at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony April 27, 2015 (photo Urban Girl Media)

Larry Elder at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony April 27, 2015 (photo Urban Girl Media)

Larry Elder is forever enshrined on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.  On April 27, 2015, Larry’s family, friends and fans celebrated his accomplishments at a mid-day ceremony.  Actors Jon Voight and Dean Cain were also on hand to laud the “Sage from South Central”.

Every now and then I am at the right place at the right time.  My son plays on a traveling basketball team and one of his teammates parents, unbeknownst to me, is a member of the selection committee for the Walk of Fame.  We were chatting about politics, as I always do, and Larry Elder came up.  He let me in on a secret.  Larry would be getting a star the following year and I inquired why.  His response was Larry had international appeal which is part of the criteria for selection, since the WOF is a tourist attraction.

This gave me an opportunity to reach out to Larry on Twitter and congratulate him.  The WOF czar saw my tweet, so I had to take it down, but it enabled me to chat with him regularly on the going on’s in the nation.  It also didn’t hurt that he was perplexed as to how I would know.

Although many in the African-American community dislike him, I find him to be highly intelligent and I learn a lot listening to his daily podcast.

The morning of his ceremony he inboxed me to not forget to attend.  I then caught the Metro straight up La Brea and was dropped at Hollywood and Vine, a block from where his star resides.

When I started this blog I made a list of all the people I wanted to either interview and/or meet and Larry was on the list.  It was no surprise that besides his family, I was the only Black person in the “fan” area.  There were also no Black photographers.

After the ceremony, I was able to get a picture with him and I remarked, “I’m crying discrimination. There are no Black media here.”  Larry responded, “Its ok, you and my brother are.”

This blog represents challenging ones self to live out their dreams and make a difference in others lives.  Just as Larry continues to be the best radio broadcaster, serving the public for twenty years, I salute him for not giving up and inspiring the little blogger from Inglewood to dream big and face my challenges with my head high and a smile on my face.

His star is located right next to Delphine’s outside of the W Hotel.

The Sage from South Central and little miss inglewood

The Sage from South Central and little miss inglewood


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