LA County Probation Chief abruptly resigns

untitledA self-proclaimed ethics chief abruptly resigns after divorce proceedings reveal he got caught doing something highly unethical with a subordinate on the job.  Using family credit cards, his wife was able to verify the infidelity.  In the words of Barry White, he should’ve practiced what he preached.

Jerry Powers served as the chief of LA County Probation for approx five years.

During his watch, it was reported, in 2013, the department lost contact with 2,000 probationers.  Powers also ran additional background checks on probation officers, looking for ethics violations, and then violated the employees rights by not providing their mandated Scully Hearings.  Ultimately, staff were dismissed outside of the union negotiated time frame for disciplinary measures.

In regards to the woman identified as his mistress, she held a high-ranking position in Human Resources with an annual salary of $160,000.  Because Powers brought her in, she bypassed mandatory background checks, every other employee had to go through.

Kym Renner would divorce her husband in order to be with Mr. Powers full-time.

Powers came in 2011 and shook up the Probation Department, as mandated by the Board of Supervisors, all while engaging in the same behavior he willingly fired others for doing.  Majority of those terminated were minorities.  Many have and are in the process of getting their jobs back.

Jerry Powers official last day is Jan. 4th and in today’s LA Times, Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, is once again calling for reform in the department.

**updated 12/31/2015**

Comments on a article corroborate the claims that deputy probation officers were fired without cause.

Embattled LA Probation Chief Jerry Powers Resigns – UPDATED

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  1. Job says:

    This so called man of ethics, should not get any severance package from the County of Lost Angeles. Thoug the Board of Stupidvisor’s will always take care of their own mistakes. Like leaving Heir Powers girlfriend in her backdoor position even if she isn’t qualified! And really the person who is relieving him, what real background does it have? And yes, the department should be split into two departments, one who knows how to run an adult function and one who knows how to run a juvenile function. Though good luck finding a qualified person who won’t screw people to get the spot! But that’s what this probation department does, it screws people, unless they got their head up someone’s backside or between their legs!

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