LA County Democrat Party OPPOSES Compton sales tax measure

LACDP-Quick-LogoLA County Democrat party members reject new taxes. Releasing endorsements for the upcoming June election cycle, there is much chatter about the lack of supoort for the measure, despite their strong support of the city’s mayor.

Although Compton City Manager Roger Haley is moving forward spending $100k of taxpayer money, on voter education activities, which could fall under the authority of the city clerk, social media numbers indicate the measure has little to no public support.

Despite the mayor posing in pictures and writing letters in support of the sales tax increase to 9.5%,  residents have abandoned their support, and so has the local democrat party.

Will this impact the mayors securing their endorsement for her 2017 re-election campaign?

On the other hand, the party supports increased User Utility Tax (UUT) tax rates in nearby Carson.  Difference is, the Carson tax is exclusive to Carson residents, with the municipal code dictating how the funds are spent.  An oversight committee is also in place to monitor spending.

Former Compton elected officials are concerned that the increased sales tax, will prevent new customers from buying in the city.  They also ponder on how the city’s finances have yet to improve despite receiving a portion of a billion dollar manufacturing grant and the refinancing of some debt.

If the party doesn’t support the mayors vision to increase revenue to fix potholes and such, is this an indicator of whether they will support Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ seeking of new taxes for homeless initiatives and expansion of Metro rail?




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  2. Robert Ray says:

    First, a correction. Measure “P” would increase the sales tax from 9% to 10%, a full 1% increase. Also, the mayor is constantly breaking the law by promoting this measure. The ‘city’ can ‘inform’ but cannot ‘promote’ any measure that is on the ballot. The mayor is constantly ‘promoting’ measure “P”.

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