Mental Health clients worry Recovery Conference won’t take place

LA-DMHLA County mental health clients, who receive recovery services from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH), are crying foul over the departments failure to provide information on an annual recovery conference, put on at the Endowment Center.  The mental health clients tell 2 Urban Girls that since the retirement of Dr. Marvin Southard, programs aren’t moving forward as they have traditionally done.

After pulling up the flyer for the 2015 Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC) 4th Annual Innovations in Recovery Conference, 2 Urban Girls pointed out the conference normally takes place in June.  The clients response were:

Normally by February we have a date so we can prepare to attend.  A big part of our recovery depends on attending this conference.  We don’t want to relapse.  It’s bad enough some of us are homeless.  We look forward to this to learn how to remain calm.

When asked if they made contact with anyone on the DMH staff, they answered:

We met with a woman name “Helene” who said because she doesn’t have the funds, she wasn’t in a position to prepare for the conference.  We have had funds for the last five years.  Why don’t we now?

If any of you out there can help out the clients, and ensure they don’t have a relapse in recovery, please pass along this article, so the patients can rest assure their efforts to maintain their recovery, are not in vain.

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