Kimberly Ellis discusses how she will unify the CA Democratic Party

California Democrats are preparing to elect a new party chair.  Although Eric Bauman has done a tremendous job of growing the party, a large majority of Southern California Black elected officials are whispering behind closed doors as to who they should support.  There has NEVER been a Black person, let alone WOMAN, has the head of the CA Democrat Party. The party is starving for representation from Southern California, yet, most party leaders come from the Bay Area.  Party members are equally concerned about the direction of the party.  This author included.

As an openly gay man, Eric Bauman has been able to advance many issues plaguing the LGBT community.  From gender neutral bathrooms, gender neutral sports and marriage rights are all catering to one specific group of Democrats.  What about the rest of us?

2 Urban Girls was able to reach Bauman’s opponent Kimberly Ellis, whose previous experience was serving as Executive Director of Emerge, an organization focused on getting women elected to office.

2 Urban Girls has noticed Black media in Southern California have all but ignored her campaign.

As the community yells “CHANGE” our representation stays stagnant.  Reserved for a politicians offspring, of which many are doing nothing but riding on their name.

We are tired of being told to “stand down”.

Millennial are eager to be involved in government, yet, the old guard is blocking those efforts. Millennials also witnessed their party sabotage their candidate, Bernie Sanders, which further divided the party.

When asked how she will bring the party together, Ellis had this to say.

There’s been a lot of talk about reassembling the Obama coalition, but I

think that future success cannot be achieved by simply replicating the

past. Instead, we must forge a new path that includes a greater diversity

of voices and build our campaigns around common challenges like healthcare

and economic inequality. I’m incredibly proud that our campaign is

bringing together both sides from last year’s primary through a shared

idea of getting our party back to its grassroots, back to organizing. For

more information about my 7 point plan, you can find my New Path Forward

for the Party on my website –

Political consultants remark to 2 Urban Girls that the parties office is not “diverse”.  The question was posed to Ms. Ellis as to how would she create more diversity in the administrative offices.

I will bring the same commitment to

including a wide breadth of voices as I have done with my campaign team.

We have nine full time staff, with six women, a majority being people of

color and multiple individuals representing the LGBTQ community. Some come

from rural areas, others from our urban cores.  Diversity isn’t a goal.

It’s a practice.

2 Urban Girls urges Black delegates to do just what they expect Black people to do for them.

VOTE for Kimberly Ellis as CA Democratic Party chair.


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  1. Melinda Vasquez says:

    Thank you writing this article.

    Kimberly taught Democratic women how to successfully run for office – not just women.

    She also raised about 1.4 million dollars a year for Emerge.

    She has been helping elect democrats for 9 years.

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