Key Election Endorsements for Compton and Inglewood

imagesKey labor unions and parties are announcing their support for upcoming elections in April.  Let’s take a look at who is supporting who.

Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP)

Inglewood City Council
Dist. 1 – Daniel Tabor
Dist. 2 – No Consensus

Inglewood Unified School District
Dist. 2 – Consensus
Dist. 3 – Margaret Richards-Bowers

Compton Mayor
Aja Brown

Compton City Clerk
Satra Zurita

Compton City Attorney
Craig Cornwell*

Compton City Treasurer
No Consensus

Compton City Council
Dist. 2 – No Endorsement
Dist. 3 – Yvonne Arceneaux*

No endorsement for Mike Stevens, Judy Dunlap or Alex Padilla?  Luckily I remember Mrs. Bowers from her passionate pleas at the last IUSD board meeting to save Adult and Early Childhood Education programs from being cut by IUSD.

Local AFT1521

Aja Brown, Craig Cornwell and Bill Ivey (District 2)

Mike Stevens and Judy Dunlap

LA County Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO)


Aja Brown, Satra Zurita, Craig Cornwell and Bill Ivey (Dist. 2)

Mike Stevens and Judy Dunlap

SEIU 721


Mike Stevens – Council District 1
Judy Dunlap – Council District 2

Aja Brown – Mayor
Craig Cornwell – City Attorney
Bill Ivey – Council District 2
After reading this list, what immediately jumps out in my mind is why no endorsements for Skyy Fisher, especially from the LA County Democratic Party?  According to Fisher’s campaign site, he is the LACDP Chair of the 52nd assembly district delegation. For a full list of Fishers supporters, click hereAja Brown is definitely looking like a front-runner in this election but more pressing, who is Bill Ivey?
**editors note, Marenda Hughes is the current 52nd AD.

How are endorsements decided? Find out by clicking here.

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