**updated** Kent Taylor supports Lennox charter school becoming independent

Former State Superintendent Kent Taylor

Former State Superintendent Kent Taylor

**updated 9/11 Sources within the Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy confirmed to 2UrbanGirls that the board refused to vote on the item addressing the parents petition to turn the charter independent.  They will reconvene after further discussion.  How much you wanna bet Parent Revolution is behind the parents petition?  Didn’t we remind you yesterday that PR’s funders own more wealth than 40% of the nations population?  Watch out Inglewood…they coming!  My bad, they are already meeting with elected officials as we speak.  Friend of the blog, Marisol Cruz, current Lennox School District board member, is up for re-election.  How will she vote?

Well lookey here.  Former Inglewood USD state appointed administrator, Kent Taylor, who is now leading the Lennox School District, is in support of efforts to allow the Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy, one of the top charters in the state, to become an independent charter school.  Does the principal over at LaTijera Academy of Excellence (LAE) have the same plans?

Apparently Taylor is trying to retain the schools principal and the only way he can do that is to support them going full independent.  Independent means all the ADA and bond monies go directly to the schools administrators, with no portion given to the school district.  The principal tendered his resignation in order to accept a position at City Honors in Inglewood USD.  That backfired since Dr. Brann has hired someone else due to Lennox not voting.

2UrbanGIrls contacted IUSD officials to inquire on the documents on the Inglewood USD board agenda back in May that established the dependent charter school on the LaTijera campus.  The documents stated that LAE has a separate Board of Directors which are unpaid volunteers.  IUSD officials declined to name the board members but 2UrbanGirls has an idea of who they could be.

LaTijera is also home to a new partnership between Brotherhood Crusade (who is partially funded by City of LA employee contributions) and Revolution K12 (which sounds eerily close to Parent Revolution).  Why would Inglewood USD partner with Brotherhood Crusade, when their founder just overbilled us for building the school?  School officials also haven’t revealed the cost they are paying Revolution K12/Brotherhood Crusade to provide services for City Honors, LaTijera and Parent.

Back in March 2012, the Equity in Education Committee held a townhall style meeting to declare the state superintendent, Tom Torlakson, was not taking care of IUSD business.  The meeting was moderated by former District 1 candidate, Elliot Petty, D’artagnan Scorza and Tawana Horn-Cherry.  The committee was also in unison with former IUSD school board candidate, Margaret Richards-Bowers.  Also in attendance, many of the current IUSD advisory board members.

Although the Daily Breeze reported in August, 2UrbanGirls speculated in May, that the Equity in Education Committee (EEC) would soon “pull the trigger” on an IUSD school.  Apparently Parent Revolution has teamed up with Joe Bowers, and most likely those named above, to ensure LaTijera eventually becomes an independent charter, with the riches of Measure GG included.  The EEC would then pen an open letter asking for Inglewood residents support of more transparency from the state.

Kent Taylor help put Inglewood USD further in a mess by signing an agreement with the unions that would allow a group like Parent Revolution to pounce on the IUSD schools with vigor.

Sources tell 2UrbanGirls that Parent Revolution is making their rounds through Inglewood, trying to garner support of them taking over the district and turning more schools into independent charters, as they are doing in LAUSD schools.  With the budget woes and pension debts that both the city and the school district are facing, are they listening?

Eventually FREE public education will cease to exist.  The state is currently offering $500k grants to start new charter schools which will run out in 2015.  Should the public school system become dismantled, parents will be forced to decide between paying for a private school or paying for the charter.  Trust me, FREE education will soon be a thing of the past.  All the conditions are there.

There is an important election coming up in 2014 folks.  Tom Torlakson v. Marshall Tuck.  Marshall Tuck is funded by Parent Revolution and the Walton Foundation. By the way, did you know the Walton family, owners of Wal-Mart and huge funders of Parent Revolution and Teach for America, owns more wealth than the bottom 40%?  They have deep pockets to dissolve the union.

Be smart with your votes.


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