Keeping up with Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas at Tito's Tacos in Culver City, CA (photo: Urban Girl Media/November 23, 2013)

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas at Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, CA (photo: Urban Girl Media/November 23, 2013)

I spent a few days volunteering with the campaign of Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and ultimately committed to volunteer until election day, December 3rd.  Due to a layoff, I have more time on my hands than I could ask for.  So in between looking for new opportunities, you may catch me on the other end of your phone (depending on where you live).  I missed an opportunity to volunteer on Compton Mayor Aja Brown’s campaign and promised myself the next time I found myself with time to spare, I would volunteer on another campaign.  This leads me to Sebastian’s race for State Assembly.

Normally I wouldn’t find myself committing so much time to physically participate in a campaign.  The last campaign I volunteered for was former Inglewood Mayor Ed Vincent’s bid for election in 1991.  His campaign headquarters were located where the Nix Check Cashing is on Manchester.  I would catch the 115 from St. Michael’s and assist prepping mailers to go out.  Having lawn signs ready to be dispatched to those who agreed to have one in their yard and having a smile on my face when folks hit the door.  There is nothing more invigorating than working with the public.

I made phone calls on Friday, attended his meet and greet on Saturday, and made more phone calls today.  Yes.  I got up and made phone calls early on a Sunday.  I did this because of the energy I received from his volunteers, the team he assembled to get him to Sacramento and most importantly, you the voters.  The people I spoke with are genuinely excited and eager to support Sebastian.  Others I spoke with were undecided.

Concerned that he doesn’t deserve the seat.  Concerned he hasn’t earned it.  I would say otherwise.  He has earned it from his own right.  Sebastian is relatively young, and most young African-American men aren’t putting in nearly as much positive work in their community as he has done, consistently.  As I was told by another local politician, being a public servant is an honor, not a privilege.  Sebastian doesn’t appear to take anything for granted because of his father.  If anything, with his father being L.A. County Supervisor, in essence he has to work harder to disprove the naysayers. And he is answering the call.

(photo: Urban Girl Media/November 24, 2013)

(photo: Urban Girl Media/November 24, 2013)

Politics is beyond a full-time job.  It becomes your life.  A great politician is in tune with the issues, can speak to them fluidly, and has the support of every ethnic group that they strive to represent.

I have listened to him at the first candidates forum and throughout this election he has maintained the high road and not to the level of degrading either his opponents or the intelligence of the constituents.

He has the endorsements of our Governor Jerry Brown, State Senators Barbara Boxer and Holly Mitchell, Congresswoman Karen Bass, CA State Attorney General Kamala Harris, CA Democratic Party, CA Nurses Association, local firefighters, Magic Johnson and of course his father Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.  He also has the support of 2UrbanGirls.

Don’t forget to vote December 3rd.


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