Joseph Mailander on the Future of Los Angeles

download2 Urban Girls thanks Joseph Mailander for his candid interviews we have shared with you.  After examining Affordable Housing and Promise Zones, the next logical question is “What does the future hold for the Greater Los Angeles area?”  Mailander authored LA at Intermission: A City Mingling Towards Identity where he discusses the lack of informed dissent, in LA politics, and the 12 years current Mayor Eric Garcetti has spent in cultivating political loyalty over tangible results.  

LA in 15 years?

Will be like New York City circa 1999. Past a financial crisis, but only because no poor people can afford to live here anymore. Our Latino population will begin shrinking next year and continue to shrink for a long time.

Our black population will probably stay the same only because it can’t shrink any further than it already has. Things will be better for the people who live here–the thing is, it will be people from elsewhere who mostly live here, not home-grown families.

Politically it will probably swing softly to the right the way NYC swung with Guiliani and Bloomberg.

If you think we’re seeing crazy development now, wait fifteen more years and watch people from Hong Kong, London, and Irvine start knocking down six-packs and putting up more 500-unit rabbit hutches.

That my opinion, urban girls! Thanks for asking!

If you are an informed dissenter, and wish to share your vision for the future of Los Angeles, consider submitting your ideas to either FixLA or the Fix California Challenge.  Both entities are awaiting you with open, well-funded, arms.

Eerily, Mayor Eric’s “vision” for Los Angeles sounds quite familiar.  As if he picked up where former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa left off.  His vision was for LA to look like New York, as Mailander so eloquently put it, minus the reduction in traffic congestion he campaigned on.

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