Joint Legislative Audit Committee requests Audit of Inglewood Unified School District

imageThe Inglewood Today is reporting that a request has been made to audit the implementation of SB533, which gave Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) an emergency loan of $55M, to keep the district solvent.  Since its implementation in September 2012, the state has been unwilling to delineate how $29M was appropriated, given issues with nutrition, education and safety have progressively gotten worse..

According to the article Dr. Don Brann, the state appointed trustee, says improvement has been made.  Really?

As an active parent of an Inglewood Unified School District I am more distraught for my child’s education than ever before.

Revelations of the amount of sugar being served at both breakfast and lunch has me fearful my child will develop diabetes and/or rotten teeth.

imageOur children’s education and our teachers and staff are being critiqued against standardized test scores, which would be great if Inglewood had up to date fiber optics to increase internet speed and reliability.  A great example of this is AT&T U-verse service.  How many of you have tried to take advantage of the promotion to upgrade to U-verse, only to be told you can’t?  Isn’t Steve Bradford connected to technology somehow

Safety is an issue that speaks for itself.  Dr. Brann has issued pink slips to all of the campus security and to add insult to injury, we will have unkept classrooms and bathrooms since plant managers were given slips too.

The above concerns could have been addressed immediately when personnel were replaced.  New employees but no new menus or food vendor?

All the while $26M remains untouched?

Up until a few short weeks ago, this author has been under the impression this is the making of Tom Torlakson, when it’s not.  The real culprits behind this takeover are Jerry Brown and his hand-picked state board trustees.  Brown and the president of trustees go back to the ’70s as black were being elected to office.  We assume, rightfully so, that it’s Tom Torlakson, although he has never publicly stayed stated Torlakson told him to anything.  He always references CDE which has both a superintendent and trustees.  The trustees can’t fire Torlakson so they try and get the voters to do it.

The question becomes who does our beloved state appointed trustee report to?  The state elected superintendent of public schools or his buddy Jerry Brown’s trustees?  Is it that simple that he reports to who created special legislation to allow Brann to receive his pension and salary and recent three-year contract extension?

Just enough time for him to suck the oil right from under IUSD property when fracking rights expires in 2016.

Did Rod Wright agree to author this sham legislation to avoid prosecution?  Coincidentally, Wright’s sentencing has been pushed back.  Again.

**editors note: both Jerry Brown and Tom Torlakson received the highest votes, in their respective races, this past Tuesday.

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  1. No1Blogger says:

    I read the FACMAT 2013 report and I am not surprise that the report and analysis is true. As a parent I support the FACMAT report and analysis because it gives true analysis of IUSD condition. Some staff were given pink slips because, read page 4: Comprehensive assessment of the report, to re organize personnel. Are they doing his/her job or just talking on the cellphone? Thank you for putting that picture of the Juice, above, the order is done from the Food Services Manager, mmm makes you wonder who places the orders. Pink slips were provided to the manager and left us with no choice. I am still aware that the managers are in a contract until the school year. Why are they not at work? Pink slip is just a warning! Did they walked out on our students?

    Also, the FACMAT analysis and report is provided to the State Legislatures to review about the previous conditions of IUSD. I wonder if the State Legislature read at least the first 30 pages. Is the State Legislature also considering findings from, besides the $29 million spent on 2012-13 school year from the $55 million loan SB533, the analysis and report from FACMAT 2013. Is the State legislature committee just looking into individual complains? The state legislature hired FACMAT. I have been in the LCAP, board member meetings, and school site meetings voicing my concerns.

    Lets not take this too personal

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      FCMAT has made recommendations since the advisory board still had voting powers. What Dr. Brann and Joe Dominguez are failing to do is make policy changes to address the concerns. If policies don’t exist, how are employees expected to adhere to them? IUSD has no personnel commission to assist with creating policies and why would the unions allow for it’s dissolvement? Who are Ali and Graeber working for, Parent Revolution?

      These decisions gives the appearance Brann is not here to bring fundamental change to the district but to instead contract out jobs to the lowest bidder. This is validated by the number of contracts both awarded and extended since he arrived in July.

      Dr. Brann is not doing the job he was hired to do which was to increase enrollment. Publicly stating you are removing security is a sure way to get parents to not want to enroll their children for the next school year. Changing nutrition vendors to provide healthy food options is too much to ask of IUSD but at least they provide “free” dental screenings since they are a source of the issues. These issues effect every child in the district, without regard to race.

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