IUSD Special Board Meeting: June 26th

IUSDIn the event you can’t make the 6pm Inglewood USD special board meeting at Crozier Middle School this evening, here are a few highlights on tonights agenda and those in bold are questionable:

  • Approve release of probationary certificated employees
  • Approve to reinstate and modify all salary schedules for 2013-14 with NO furlough days
  • Approve new position of Categorical Fiscal Coordinator (someone who knows how to allocate funds)
  • Approve to reinstate Director of Fiscal Services (please don’t bring back Glenston Thompson!)
  • Approve establishing a Payroll Benefits Manager or Coordinator
  • Approve to adopt the FY 2013-14 budget
  • Approve a consultant agreement with Robert Harris to assist Dept. of M&O with planning of custodial work program (WTF?)
  • Approve new roofs at Monroe and Morningside High School (doesn’t state where funds will come from)
  • Approve resolution to borrow $13 million of interfund cash for FY 2013-14
  • Approve cash borrowing for temporary transfer of school pools fund in amount of $22 million
  • Retiring admin staff Susan Ippongi and Elijah Mackey will become paid consultants to the district
  • Positions listed below will be eliminated

(3) maintenance, (2) budget, (2) payroll, (1) purchasing, (1) dispatcher/transportation, (1) Admin Secretary-Board, (2) maintenance mgr IHS/MHS, (1) Web Master, (9) Warren Lane

Why are we borrowing $35 million dollars?

View the full special board agenda here.



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