IUSD Decade of Decline: Meausre K Oversight Committee

IUSDIn November 1998 Inglewood residents passed Measure K.  A bond of approx. $131 million dollars towards the repair of the aging schools.  Of the 21 schools in the district, only FIVE received Measuare K upgrades. FIVE?!  That averages to $26 million per school site.  In 2012 residents would be forced to approve ANOTHER $90 million so IUSD could get to the other 16.  That would average to $5 million per school.  Is that even mathematically possible?

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Throughout the years, the committee has had many former committee members running for the Inglewood USD school board with the platform of “money is not being managed properly”.  Both the LA Times and LA Wave newspapers regularly discussed the challenges with the handling of said funds.

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Board member Johnny Young, was happy to the LA Sentinel that he was the driving force behind getting Measure K passed.  As Measure K funds would continue to dwindle, so would the whispers as to who was behind the decisions being made to fund certain developers even when an obscene number of change orders swelled the cost of LaTijera Middle School, which will become a charter for the 2013-14 school year.

[ A Decade of Decline: Johnny Young ]

It was in 1998 that the Inglewood USD board drafted this document explicitly stating that the Measure K Oversight Committee was bound to the Brown Act and thus all meeting should be conducted in public with all meeting agendas and minutes being made public.  THe only thing public about the Measure K OVersight Committee is when board members regularly approved their “recommendations” at public board meetings.  The board NEVER made them appear in public.  Jack Wolfberg, the co-chair of the committee and Mrs. Sambrano are regular board members who speak out about the money.

When Inglewood USD was contacted for a public records request of the Measure K Oversight Committee, this response was given:

“Proposition 39 which was the 55% passage rate for GO bonds bill required a Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) be established when these types of Bonds are voted in.  It is a requirement.  That COC is subject to the brown act and members are interviewed and appointed by the board. Thus the need to have a quorum.

Measure K was not a Prop 39 bond it was a regular with a passage of 66 2/3.  A COC is not required and is not subject to the brown act, though if it was appointed by the board there is a I think a requirement to follow the brown act.     Either way.  The Measure K COC is not subject to the regular COC rules.  See  the facilities resource tab on the side.”

When in the hell was spending public funds not required to be publicly held accountable?  If the board adopted a POLICY that states all members of the Measure K Oversight Committee needed to have board approval, as outlined here, who in the hell allowed them to NOT be transparent in producing meeting minutes and agendas?

If this group were NOT bound by the Brown Act, why did the IUSD create the above policy in 1998 and if Measure K was a bond that did not require a COC, why in the fuck did they create one?   IUSD has an entire page devoted to who the current committee members are, why?

If this group has been allowed to squander away the hard earn tax money of the residents with the passage of Measure K, why did we just approve ANOTHER bond in the form of Measure GG?  Are they too not bound to conducting meetings in accordance with the Brown Act?  Are Inglewood residents they are paying taxes for a group that according to IUSD isn’t required in the first place?


Here are the facts:

  • the IRS is auditing the entire books of Inglewood USD for years 2010 and 2011;
  • at one point Danny Tabor was under investigation by the LA County DIstrict Attorneys office.  When contacted the LA County DA declined to confirm or deny that the investigation is ongoing.  My guess with Trina Williams being arrested and miraculously let go due to an “accounting error” and Jack Wolfberg joining in Ms. Williams public plea for an audit, did State Controller John Chiang make a stop in Inglewood after he finished with Bell and Montebello?
  • Inglewood USD and the State of California have been VERY tight-lipped on the true financial state of the district?  I can clearly remember that NO spreadsheet of revenue and expenditures being passed out at either the parents meeting or the FCMAT presentation.  No visual of cash balances starting at beginning of school year 2012-13.

Why is that?


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