Was anyone else considered

thIt appears the IUSD school board where aware back in June 2012 that the state would be moving into Inglewood right on time.  Several IUSD upper management employees where awarded consulting contracts in June 2012 that appear to expire in June 2013.  Employees and community are encouraged to attend the meetings in the summer months because this is when the most shit goes down. 

Board Agenda June 13, 2012 ( Approval of The Turner=Bakewell Construction Company to Provide Construction Management/Consultant Services for District-wide School Construction Projects) (This addresses Board of Education Goal No.4 Measure K)

Board Agenda June 27, 2012 (Employment contracts for upper management were approved and extended until 6/2014.  Did these become void with the state takeover?)

New contract just awarded according to the 3/29/13  LA Sentinel Revolution K12 and The Brotherhood Crusade Form Partnership

Does the IUSD not know the community is aware that Mr. Bakewell is the Chairman of the organization they are partnering?  How does IUSD explain awarding him construction, outreach and now education contracts simultaneously? This is the same man who shut down a Compton Sizzler citing “he wasn’t paying his rent’ and the same man who owed the city of Compton millions and paid NOTHINGWHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???

Keep an eye out for those contributing to Tom Torlakson’s re-election campaign for 2014.

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