IUSD Advisory Board candidates lack children in the district

IUSDInglewood Unified School District (IUSD) currently has four (4) open seats for Inglewood and Ladera Heights residents to choose from.  There is currently a field of nine candidates and our research thus far, shows none of the candidates have children in IUSD.  Surprisingly, two candidates have already secured the endorsement of our newly elected 62nd District Asm. Autumn R. Burke.

Although the candidates may come with impressive backgrounds, I am looking for someone who currently has their own children enrolled in the district and can feel the frustration of not only the taxpayers but those who continue to support the district, by not removing their children.

LACOE has done an injustice of approving far too many charter schools, in the City of Inglewood, which makes it a challenge to retain students.  Although a good number of them return since board agenda’s show the charters are approved, without regard to full compliance of the Education Code.

Teachers have to do their share as well.  Constantly under threat of declining enrollment, it is important they remember us parents deal with the teachers, not district administrators.  If we are pulling our children out of the district, it is SOLELY due to the customer service we receive at the main office, from our child’s teacher and the principal, who is there to moderate parent/teacher concerns.

Here is the list of certified candidates and I’m disappointed not a single parent, like myself, has a child attending Inglewood Unified School District.  What’s their motive?

I have heard from friends with children in Wiseburn District, where Dr. Brann enhanced Dana Middle School and created DaVinci High School, and get outstanding reviews.  Dr. Brann is more than competent to handle the transformation of IUSD and he needs a board that will work with, not dictate, the direction of the district.   Likewise, someone who won’t quit on the job and more importantly, one who understands explicitly what it takes to return IUSD back to local control.

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Seat #1

Margaret Richard-Bowers
Dionne Young Faulk* (endorsed by Asm. Autumn R. Burke)

Seat #3

Melody Ngaue-Tuuholoaki

Seat #4

Margaret Evans
Rene Talbott
Graciela Patino
Darius Leevy

Seat #5

D’Artagnan Scorza* (endorsed by Asm. Autumn R. Burke)
Henry Brown

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