It’s Going Down in Hawthorne

hawthorneThe City of Hawthorne’s byline is “City of Good Neighbors”.  The Hawthorne Police weren’t acting so neighborly by killing the pet of one of their neighbors.  By now you have heard about the tragic killing of “Max”, a two-year old rottweiler, at the hands of Hawthorne Police Department.

Upon viewing the video footage, you can see Max and his owner, Leon Rosby, videotaping a police standoff in the Hawthorne neighborhood.  There are multiple uploads of the police standoff from several witnesses on the street.

Hawthorne PD maintains that Rosby was interfering in the work of the police.  Well excuse me, every time there is a police situation there is usually yellow tape strung along the perimeter and an officer at said perimeter to ensure the community can not interfere.

Max and Leon Rosby (Gabriel Martinez via YouTube)

Max and Leon Rosby (Gabriel Martinez via YouTube)

No one has addressed why the officers didn’t have Rosby roll up the windows to his car prior to placing him in handcuffs?  Also, once again, just as we saw with Oscar Grant, cops are too quick to pull their gun to diffuse a situation.  They aren’t trained on how to mace dogs like postal workers?

This same type of brutality Max received is the same kind of violence that minorities have suffered at the hands of overzealous cops for decades.  People are fed up with being target practice for the cops and in a simple twist of fate, Hawthorne has received death threats related to Max’s killing.  A radical hacking group named Anonymous has claimed responsibly for the cyber attacks on Hawthorne.

As of today, the cities website has been hacked and unaccessible and the officers involved in Max’s shooting have been relieved from street duty.  Rosby is under investigation in interfering in police activity, while the officers are not being investigated for safely securing the perimeter to keep folks at bay.  I viewed a tank on the yard of the home, that should warrant use of the yellow tape don’t you think?

View the footage here but be warned it is not safe for children.

Do you believe the police were within their rights to kill Max as opposed to having his owner secure him prior to arrest?  Do you believe the police failed to secure the scene of the crime to keep people at bay?  What did Rosby do to warrant the arrest?


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