Is Wal-mart welcome in Inglewood

after I happened to be driving through Downey yesterday and noticed a Wal-Mart, which was about the size of the old Wonder bread store on Manchester Blvd.  It was clean, presentable and the parking lot was full.  I began to wonder if Inglewood residents would support a Wal-Mart, on a smaller scale (approx. 35,000 square feet or less) than the formerly proposed Wal-Mart which was equivalent to 17 football fields?

There are plenty available properties to choose from throughout Inglewood.  Here are a few top of my head:

  • Century Blvd (directly across from the Hollywood Park Casino) for a long while there stood a sign that stated “Future site of Inglewood Police Department” that never happened so if no Wal-mart, how about a park? The 4th District currently doesn’t have ONE park;
  • LaBrea and Florence for this corner hasn’t been redeveloped either, but at one point had a sign up about a possible entertainment complex, it is now razed and could be a good site that’s highly visible, will have a Metro station and near many employers (City, Kaiser, County, etc);
  • Manchester and 5th Ave for plenty of senior citizens hang out at the doughnut shop and to be able to walk within their neighborhood to a pharmacy is rather ideal, safe and considerate.  this was another vacant building that stated “roller skating rink coming soon” but that didn’t happen;
  • Prairie and 101st St. is highly visible from both Prairie and Century although Northgate market recently opened down on Prairie and Lennox;
  • Market St. well anyone who is an Inglewood resident and/or visitor would know Market St. is all but a ghost town, especially the North end of Market.  How many of us remember buying tennis shoes from Inglewood Sports, having lunch at the Bayou Grille and purchasing #16 lipstick and Makaveli mix cd’s from the Inglewood Swap Meet?

I would say that Inglewood has many locations to choose from, the key is will the residents support?  Last time the proposed Wal-mart was brought to vote was back in 2004 and with Wal-Marts campaign to entice the voters, including employees from other stores handing out free meals to citizens the initiative failed with 60.6 percent of the votes said “no” to Wal-Mart and just 39.3 percent supported the initiative, according to Inglewood City Clerk Yvonne Horton. There were 11,649 ballots cast, Horton said.

I would go a step further and state if we recently had approx. 25,000 residents support Measure GG in an effort to revamp the schools in the district, we surely need additional jobs and tax revenue to help out the rest of the city.  Just think, USC recently built a brand new housing complex on a former gas station site at the intersection of Figueroa and Exposition, the station closed in September 2010 and as of today is a fully functioning development.  Maybe a smaller Wal-Mart is more favorable for the residents…thoughts???

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