Is this why the LAUSD Superintendent threatend to quit

Earlier this week Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent John Deasey threatened to quit should Richard Vladovic become the next President of the LAUSD school board.  The seven member body voted Vladovic president and now what?  Superintendent Deasey is still on the payroll and new details emerge about what life may be like in the aftermath of that vote.

The Daily Breeze reports that the principal of Dodson Middle School, located in Rancho Palos Verdes, John Vladoic, son of board president Vladovic, cut a popular student choir at the school.  Parents and teachers are upset that he is eliminating the program in an effort to boost test scores.  Why would parents be mad about improving test scores when the choir is an elective course?  The article goes on further to state that principal Vladovic has formed an intervention group for children not performing to standards therefore those students aren’t allowed to take an elective.

Do you think children should be able to take part in “fun” classes if their core grades aren’t up to par?  Even sports programs mandate athletes maintain a certain grade average. LAUSD recently announced an ambitious plan to outfit all students with Pads and giving the teachers and principals tougher evaluations of their performance.  Sounds like the teachers would be welcoming the opportunity to have students scores increase in order to maintain their performance levels.  I must be missing something.

Another LAUSD school, Crenshaw High, in South LA, is going through a significant reorganization by turning into a full on charter campus housing up to three schools.  The teachers were all asked to reapply for their positions and approximately half of them were successful.

LAUSD also announced they would not face any significant ADA shortages in the coming school year.  This summer $1 million dollars was budgeted for summer school in an effort to increase scores.  However, only core classes are offered and only on 16 campuses out of the 100+ LAUSD covers.  To quote the Daily News “LAUSD summer school is a ‘sorry’ experience”.

The LAUSD board is ensuring that while they are holding the teachers and principals accountable, the same applies to Supt. Deasey AND the parents.  When do we demand that parents are held accountable too?  When charters school enter your district.  Why, because you have to apply, test and interview to get in, otherwise your child remains in a district that is failing them and you.


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