Is there a State of Emergency in the City of Carson

city of carsonAccording to City of Carson Mayor Jim Dear the soil under the Carousel homes is so polluted he is calling a meeting to declare those residents in a state of an emergency and order Shell Oil company to compensate the families and pay to relocate them while they clean the soil.

Five years ago the situation was discovered and two years ago the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board ordered Shell Oil to implement a cleanup plan for the Carousel neighborhood, which was built on top of land that the company once owned and used to store barrels of oil.  Soil samples show that the cancer causing agents exist that also threatens the ground water.  Remember, since 2008 our main source of water is extracted from groundwater.

To date Shell has not rectified the situation.  This is the same issue that prevented the city from building a NFL station.

If the studies dating back five years ago reveal cancer causing agents in the ground, then why wasn’t it discovered during the EIR process when the development was being presented to the Planning Commission for approval in the first place?  They want us to believe that it gets contaminated over time?  If that’s the case, a lot more families around LA County could be at similar risk?

Many housing development are built on top of former sites of gas stations that also had similar issues that when ordered to clean up, they close.  Some of the developments are mixed use with commercial businesses on the bottom and housing on top.  Is that a way to delay the toxic vapors from rising to the residents?

One gas station in Compton closed due to the issue of having leaky underground storage tanks but has now reopened and a former station in Los Angeles is now a parking lot that is regularly tested by oil officials.  Maybe that’s why certain lots remain vacant and blight our city.  They aren’t safe to build on so they can be sold at a discount since they aren’t worth anything after you clean them up.

The city of Carson will hold the meeting to declare the emergency, in order to move about 300 homeowners, is scheduled for July 29th at 5pm.  Did you happen to notice that when you exit the 405 South at Avalon you land on Jim Dear Blvd?  Kudos to Mayor Dear for stepping up to help out the residents.  Hopefully he has the unanimous support of his fellow council members.  What can the city do to ensure Shell compensates these families accordingly?  Where is Erin Brockovich!


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