Is the City of Carson in violation of a State Policy

Things that make you go hmmm....

Things that make you go hmmm….

As the Senate is about to take up Assembly member Isadore Hall’s, D-Compton, resolution to rename a portion of the San Francisco Bay Bridge after former city mayor, Willie Brown, is meeting strong opposition from the county supervisors stating:

…renaming the bridge violates the Senate’s policy against christening roadways after people who are still alive

If that’s the case, how in the hell did the City of Carson create “Jim Dear Blvd.”?  You know the street you land on when exiting I-405 at Avalon Blvd.


Back in 2011, residents were adamant they did NOT want a street named after Dear but offered this suggestion as to where his name could go:

The only thing that should be named after you [Dear]  is a plaque at the cemetery

I guess he did what he wanted because his name is now on the street that was formerly named Leandro.  If I am not mistaken, Jim Dear is the sitting mayor of the city?  Carson residents need to wake up and smell the methane emitting from the contaminated land his “name” sits on.  Why do they KEEP voting him BACK?

These elected officials are OUT OF CONTROL!

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