Is Inglewood USD giving special favors to former politicians

IUSDApparently, Inglewood USD was a business were anything goes.  With all the misdeeds of the board members, they would turn a blind eye when it came to allowing the public access to school property.  When your fellow colleagues know about your shenanigans, they are allowed to circumvent the system to keep their mouths shut.

This came to light due to the rogue actions of an Inglewood USD employee who regularly holds soccer tournaments, on IUSD campuses, without the necessary permits, for the last couple of years.  Surprisingly, he isn’t the only one.

Apparently, former Inglewood city council man Danny Tabor has been allowed free reign of Morningside High School for his adult baseball team.  Why is Tabor allowed to use the facilities for free while everyone else is forced to purchase a permit?

Most of these activities take place on weekends when district officials are at home enjoying their time off.  Some officials come to work and find dog shows, tournaments and other activities occurring without any prior knowledge.  When 2UrbanGirls inquired about how do non-employees have access to the schools, the response was all of the gates are locked with the same keys.  They have never been changed in the past decade.

Dr. Brann I hope you and your team will keep a better eye on school assets, they are needed for the collateral on our $55 million dollar “bailout” from the state.  Thanks!

IUSD Decade of Decline: Danny Tabor


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