Is Inglewood Unified School District being intentionally sabatoged

What is REALLY going on inside Inglewood Unified School District?  Parents, like myself, are in a constant state of confusion.  Despite state administrator Dr. Matthews finding this author “negative” when it comes to Inglewood Unified, I shared the most positive act I make daily is keeping my son enrolled in this failing district.  As Green Dot awaits approval of another Animo High School in Inglewood, CA, one school board member is vocal in his displeasure of more money possibly seeping from the schools budget.  However, he is also alleging that comments attributed to him, as transcribed in LACOE meeting minutes, don’t reflect his “true” thoughts.  Sounds vaguely familiar to some shenanigans at City Honors.

Three former staff members of Inglewood Unified’s City Honors High School, took their allegations of forgery to the LA County District Attorney’s office.  Thelma Brown, Gina Tucker and Pastor John Portis alleged their signatures were lifted from the annual School Site Plan and cut and pasted into a document asking to dissolve the schools charter.  They were quite insistent that they didn’t sign the document.  They went as far as signing sworn affidavit’s that caused the District Attorney’s office to conduct further research.  Those efforts are still unknown and Dr. Brann was mysteriously relieved of his duties.

Dr. D’artganan Scorza is an alumnus of Morningside High School and current advisory board member who is publicly against Green Dot opening another high school in city limits.  He is also gaining political clout as a delegate for the 62nd District and his close ties to Sacramento.

He was the face of the Hollywood Park initiative and helped pass Measure GG.  Residents still have a bad taste in their mouth that while he was pitching a new tax to “fix” Inglewood schools, he failed to mention the state took over the district the month before.

Scorza’s campaign forms from his 2015 election show him taking a relatively small dollar amount from a Political Action Committee that advocates for increasing the number of charters in underserved communities. When asked about the contribution, he attributed it to a “friend”.

LACOE held a board meeting in February, that many administrators, board members and community members attended in support of denying the charter application submitted by Green Dot.

LACOE held another meeting last week, March 7th.  There, without the glare of the public looking down on them, Inglewood folx changed their tune.

Ms. Miriam Morris, Mr. Ryan Releford, Ms. Valerie Lathern, Mr. D’Artagnan Scorza, and Mr. David Turner all spoke in FAVOR of Green Dot opening in Inglewood.  When questioned on the change of tune, Scorza replied, “we were all opposed and LACOE needs to update their incorrect meeting minutes.”

Would this imply that both Dr. Scorza and his school board candidate, Dionne Faulk, are in favor of charter schools and thus the demise of Inglewood Unified?

Are LACOE and the State of California in cahoots to strip Inglewood of their schools and (land) assets?

Scorza also took $20,000 from an affordable housing developer.  Is Morningside next for “reimagining” the under utilized space?

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  1. Miriam Morris says:

    We spoke in OPPOSITION to Green Dot. Whomever typed these minutes made a tremendous error.

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