Is crime back up in Compton

National Association for Equal Justice in America (NAEJA) has been credited with working on reducing the murder rate in Compton by as much as 70 percent within the last five years has warned of a dangerous escalation in recent gang killings.

However, according to Royce Esters, founder of NAEJA, there have been about 25 murders this year and he said there was a recent spate of eight killings in just one week.  Esters pointed out that the release of prisoners through AB 109 may be a contributing factor and called for more street lighting in the city, the introduction of “shots fired” software, better video surveillance and cutting down some of the trees in local parks where gangs congregate.

Esters also pointed out  recent killing of the elder of the Dunbar family who was killed while lying in bed.

A 17-year-old was recently killed in Compton while walking down the street in broad daylight.  Will the current city council create a policy to address the recent crime waves?  How will the mayor address this pressing issue?  Will she be as visible in the gang communities as former mayor Omar Bradley trying to keep the peace?  How are those job programs for the cities youth developing?  Are the local churches stepping up their efforts?  What about the hundred or so non-profits in the area, any of them stepping up for gang intervention?

2UrbanGirls was directed to the website which addresses the rise in crime in the city of Compton.

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  1. Jose says:

    I have notice more police activity lately around my neighborhood. Not to mentioned, more of my neighbors, friends and family members saying that they have heard more gun shots lately and more gangsters roaming the streets. Lets hope Compton’s level crime falls by the end of this year. 25 murders is not acceptable something must be done.

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