Inglewood USD will hold TWO Special Board Meetings This Week

IUSDInglewood USD interim state administrator LaTanya Kirk-Carter sent out the following email last night referencing two special board meetings that will take place this week.  The first will be held, today at 6pm and Thursday morning beginning at 8am over at Crozier Middle School

From desk of LaTanya Kirk-Carter dated June 25, 2013

The District is holding two special board meetings

Tomorrow’s Meeting will begin at 6:00pm ,   That meeting was the scheduled meeting to approve the July 2013-2014 budget,

Additionally, there are a number of positions slated for elimination and positions that have been restructured into other positions.  The budget documents are available for all collective bargaining units, and I will have them emailed as well.

These are mostly classified positions, which are part of the yet to be issued FCMAT recovery plan, but in the draft, form.  This will allow for the full bumping.

There is a second Special Board meeting scheduled board meeting for 8:00 a.m.,   This is to approved the certificated summer assignments, management transfers, appointments.  Some have to be done statutorily by June 30th.

I am out-of-town the rest of the week thus the early morning meeting.

I apologize in advance for the Special meetings, but when doing this many eliminations, appointments, restructures and changes to the budget,  and the short staff this is what happens.

I would love to do full budget presentation on the 2013-2014 budget at this meeting, but time does not permit.  I will do a special budget workshop to go over the state of the district and the current budget situation in the next few weeks.

What you will find in the budget is a current year deficit of 18.8 million, however you will see increased revenues due to better than expected ADA.   Salaries look, steady, but what you see is the effect of the reductions, mixed with the restoration of the salary schedules and the furlough days.  The additional deficit is due in part to vacation payouts that were not booked properly by the prior administration   You will also see the deficit reduced in the 13-14 year, to $9.4 million.  This is going in the right direction.   What you will also see is that we feel that we have enough cash to go through 13-14 and well into if not all of 14-15.    This will allow for some of the transformations to take place and the full cycle of the negotiation processes to occur.

Isabel will send the budgets under separate cover.

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