Inglewood USD Special Board Meeting Recap

Inglewood Unified School District’s interim state administrator, Mrs. LaTanya Kirk-Carter, held her final two meetings as both judge and jury of the district.  Astonishingly, there was only about forty people who attended the Wednesday evening meeting.  Today’s meeting was held at 8am but 2UrbanGirls did not attend.

As expected, many positions were eliminated and a couple were created.  What really stood out was Mrs. Kirk-Carter’s announcement that she would remain an employee of the district in her original capacity of business manager.

That’s quite odd don’t you think?  For someone to require twenty-four hour protection due to a “threat” why would they continue to work in the district once the security detail is no longer available?

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  1. ThatDistrict2Life says:

    that says to me that nothing is going to change. we need her out of here so we can really be engaged. she’s created a significant level of distrust, vitriol, and apathy with her participation in this process. I say we find a way to get her out of here!

    • UrbanGirl says:

      One would assume the “threats” she received against her would have made her leave of her own free will. Another instance of the loan money being wasted frivolously. Is the state going to continue to pay for police protection for her?

      Urban Girl

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