Inglewood USD officials shut out local Futbol Club

L.A. Southbay F.C.The L.A. South Bay F.C. was founded by Inglewood resident, Mario Sanchez.  Mr. Sanchez is also a Inglewood USD employee and his children attend schools within the district.  He is a very active parent and gets along well with his fellow IUSD colleagues.  Sanchez’s futbol club regularly holds soccer tournaments on IUSD campuses, primarily Bennett-Kew and Morningside High School on Sundays.  Apparently, district officials caught wind of this and shut him down.

Apparently, the club was operating on a verbal agreement with the two schools principals and without a permit.  These same two principals were under the watch of the district with one principal not returning next year and the other was turned into a media darling when the students protested his being assigned back to the classroom.  Is this why?  Were the principals exposing the district to additional liability by allowing the use of IUSD facilities for FREE and without written permission?

Mr. Sanchez and about 400 parents have expressed interest in attending the IUSD Board Meeting scheduled for Wednesday July 17th to protest the decision.  In typical IUSD form a notice was posted that the meeting has been rescheduled to next Wednesday, July 24th, 2013.  Typical IUSD.  Dr. Brann has been in hiding since he took over on July 1st.

As an employee, Mr. Sanchez has enjoyed the free use of a facility, has vendors paying for space and IUSD sees none of the proceeds in the form of rental fees.  If Sanchez is successful in getting the board to reverse their decision, would that open up school facilities to every sports organization in the City of Inglewood?

Do you think that the futbol club should be allowed to continue with the necessary permits in place?

2UrbanGirls reached out to IUSD officials for comment and assistant superintendent over business services, LaTanya Kirk-Carter responded.  Kirk-Carter explained that Mr. Sanchez did not pay the fees necessary to use the field as the Continental Soccer League (who is based out of Orange County) does over at Monroe Middle School.  Why can’t the CSL hold their tournaments in their own city on their own fields?  IUSD doesn’t water the grass in front of Monroe but you have an out of the area soccer club tearing up the back field?  Permits have only been completed by CSL while Sanchez has been warned multiple times about using the facility without paying for proper permits and the necessary insurance.  Why won’t he pay for the permits?  Is the L.A. Southbay F.C. free to participants?

Were you aware that you could rent IUSD facilities for your sports clubs?  Neither did 2UrbanGirls. Maybe the area basketball teams can rent the schools gyms.  We hear that since the bleachers are not usable, and only half of them are operable (more Measure K dollars wasted) this could generate funds to fix them.  To be continued…

Get more information on the L.A. Southbay F.C. on their website


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