Inglewood USD is still with that BULLSHIT

IUSD2UrbanGirls has raised eyebrows at the manner in which Inglewood USD accounts for Inglewood taxpayers money.  The IUSD continues to be OUT OF compliance when it comes to notifying the public about Measure K Bond Oversight Committee meetings, location of agendas and the inability to approve bylaws for a committee that was formed close to a decade ago.

With the recent announcement of Dr. Brann becoming our new “leader” the original Measure K Bond Oversight Committee meeting that was to be held on July 1st, was moved to Monday, July 8th.  The agenda is posted here but key elements are left out.

THIS IS NOT THE FULL AGENDA.  IUSD is STILL trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Inglewood residents concerned about how are tax dollars have been managed and wasted.  IUSD still can not find agendas and meeting minutes for five years.  Isn’t that against the law when it comes to accounting for public dollars?

Since when was TELACU selected to handle construction work for IUSD in a “general” capacity?  When did IUSD authorize a $100,000 contract for them and are now looking to increase by another $50,000?

Was this something that Taylor or Kirk-Carter snuck in during one of those many “special” meetings the public doesn’t find out about until you attend the meeting and see meeting minutes that need approving?

Inglewood USD officials should be ashamed of themselves.  It’s this same bullshit that has IUSD in receivership as is.  If this is what we can expect from black folks, having a white guy in charge may not be so bad.

Meeting is Monday night, the agenda says the meeting starts at 6:30 so knowing Inglewood it starts at 5pm.  ARRIVE EARLY!




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