Inglewood USD is seriously lacking in the Technology Department

indexLos Angeles Unified School District recently announced they are spending $30 million to buy 30,000 iPads for their students.  The goal is to have an iPad for every student within the next 14 months.

The board voted 6-0 to authorize the purchase.

The iPads will cost $678 each, which includes a case and a full slate of learning software, but no keyboard. Money for the project comes from voter-approved bond revenue. Additional costs within the $30 million include hiring about 15 “facilitators,” as well as additional training and support for the first 47 schools.

This comes on the heels of Montebello Unified School District outfitting students with brand new laptops.

Why did Inglewood USD board members only vote to approve change orders on a school instead of increasing students access to technology?  Oh yeah, Inglewood High School received brand new computers which were all stolen due to the school not properly securing them and the class room.

Did we have a bunch of idiots running the school district?  Apparently so.

Don’t forget there is a IUSD board meeting tonight.  Looks like campus security, custodians and plant managers may be on the chopping block.  If their “sick out” yesterday is any indication, it will be a long summer for many.  On the bright side, we just may have a permanent state appointed administrator come July 1st.  Maybe those positions will return for school year 2013-14?


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