Inglewood USD Interim State Administrator authorizes Inglewood PD

IUSDInterim state administrator La Tanya Kirk-Carter has authorized the local police department to assume police and security duties at the cash-strapped Inglewood Unified School District, which is struggling with a $17.7 million current deficit and a projected $13.7 million shortfall for next year.

According to the line item for Wednesday’s meeting: “Services shall only encompass duties and functions of the type coming with the jurisdiction of and customarily rendered by the chief of police. Additional law enforcement services may be provided by the city, if requested by the district, such as: supplemental security support, supplemental sworn officer support and supplemental provisional support.

“The chief of police for the Inglewood Police Department or his designee shall serve as the acting chief of public safety services for the district and shall perform the functions of the chief at the direction of the interim state administrator.”

The line item also says that the cost is not to exceed $200,000 and will be paid with general funds.

**Editors note**

So now we are paying the current IUSD PD chief to be on “administrative leave” and hiring a replacement at the same damn time?  What kind of sense does this make Mrs. Kirk-Carter for a district that is broke?  Between your security, the replacement chief and current chief thats close to half a mililon dollars.  You are spending money mighty frivously for someone who is here to “fix” the district.  You are actuallly making it worse.  When do we see the numbers on how to get our district back solvent, do you not have time to do that part of your job?

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