Inglewood USD food program is the pits

indexStudents at various schools are still complaining about the food being served in the lunch room.  A recent article stated the district received a grant to have better foods, but clearly that is not the case when Gold Star food trucks continue to drop off food to the area campuses.

2UrbanGirls wonders why Inglewood Today would put a picture of the staff, in their story , as opposed to pictures of these new healthy food options?   Talk about smoke and mirrors. The original food services manager was let go and a contractor was hired to the tune of $100k. Why was that necessary if you are serving the same “dog food”?  I laughed so hard when the students shared that.  At least that got rid of that awful wheat based pizza.  Were you aware a food services manager in Lawndale was just sentenced to two years in prison?

Additionally, whose job is it to provide parking enforcement around the campuses?  Parents let their kids out into traffic, kids are jaywalking and dodging moving cars, parents are flying through stop signs and too many accidents are waiting to happen.  2UrbanGirls knows of only one officer who regularly patrols the elementary schools prior to them opening.  School police are more visible after school lets out, primarily surrounding the high schools.

Does Dr. Brann not know that many kids are being dropped off at the schools as early as 7am with NO supervision?

How has the safety of your child improved under Dr. Don Brann?

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