Inglewood USD administrator says teachers WILL take a hit

IUSDWhile the unions continue to play this game, “they need us before we need them”, newly appointed Inglewood Unified School District state appointed administrator Dr. Don Brann tells the LA Times, “…teachers will see a hit”.

Officials have previously laid out plans to reduce the deficit by about $6.6 million through other means. Those factors make Brann optimistic the cuts to teachers will not be as drastic as expected. “But are they going to escape without any other hits? No,” he said.

Dr. Brann also says it will be “fun” to attempt to save Inglewood USD.  Calling the job “fun” lets the Inglewood community know he takes his job as a joke.  Further citing he is the “right person at the right time” how can that be?  He has been retired for the last five years and folks in district offices laugh that Dr. Brann has troubles with operating a computer.

Dr. Brann’s biggest obstacle is luring back Ladera parents and children, he already lured over to Wiseburn.

Typical Inglewood USD has already cancelled the first scheduled board meeting for July 17th.  Sounds like Dr. Brann isn’t done with his photo ops to get to the business of handling the districts affairs.  Perhaps his body hasn’t yet adjusted to having to get back to work.  Oh boy….

CDE is paying a pretty penny for PR since Dr. Brann has only given interviews to the Daily Breeze and LA Times but refuses to speak to the local press.  Both papers were very negative about the outlook of IUSD but with the “great white hope” they are now more optimistic than ever.

So much for his attempts to “work with” the Inglewood community.  Tell your plans to the community who PAYS you and you are hired to SERVE.


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