Inglewood Unified State Administrator works to make progress

IUSD2 Urban Girls had the pleasure of interviewing the third state administrator assigned to Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD).  Dr. Vincent Matthews is excited to be in the district and spent his first couple of months, gathering intel from students, staff, faculty and stakeholders, on their thoughts regarding the direction IUSD is headed.  2 Urban Girls was also able to ask questions regarding information presented during a recent Legislative Hearing, held at Inglewood High School.

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Dr.Matthews discussed his desire to work with staff to build capacity in IUSD.  Having done extensive research, reading articles, Dr. Matthews submitted his interest to take the reins.

He was clear to state that although he is the state administrator, he works in unison with his team, to ensure the district is returned to local control, when feasible.

Although Dr. Matthews was able to return the Oakland School District back to local control in three years, he is cautious not to get Inglewood resident’s hopes up that IUSD too will be returned in the same timeframe.

Additionally, when asked whether he had ultimate authority over decision making, he confirmed he does but works in close consultation with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The Legislative Hearing revealed the state, specifically the CA Department of Education, did not require former state administrator Dr. Don Brann to have a recovery plan.

Dr. Matthews has been very warm and welcoming, stopping to listen to parents and community members on their issues and suggestions for Inglewood Unified.   Agreeing to interview with this blog is an example of his commitment to ensuring the community gets information straight from his mouth.

Dr. Matthews does have a recovery plan and residents and taxpayers alike are eager to give him an opportunity to gain our trust and most importantly, work diligently and ethically, to return IUSD back to local control.

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